The Oertel case: A private hire vehicle transporting people was deemed to be a taxi and was taxed accordingly. We imagine that’s what you would think too. The Court of Justice of the European Union and the Federal Fiscal Court, however, did not. The case deals with, amongst other things, the question of whether people can be declared as goods. One of our partners, Professor Dr. Thomas Küffner, will be happy to provide further information about this case to you.

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We are VAT experts. We have years of experience. We are proud to have been recognised on many occasions by JUVE, Handelsblatt and Focus as leading specialists in our field. Which means nothing less than: We look forward to, and deal with, the challenges and surprises which every day brings.
Basically, a chain transaction is fairly simple. A sells to B and B sells to C. But what happens if one of the parties involved has no VAT-ID.-No.? Well – we solved that problem. And, incidentally - we ensured that the VAT Act was amended accordingly – in Germany and in many other European countries.
Please feel free to contact our partner, Professor Dr. Thomas Küffner, for more information.

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We don’t care whether you call us VAT or turnover tax experts. But, we must object if we are reduced by 100% to 19% or 7%.
Imagine a colouring book, containing innocent motifs such as animals, cars or houses. Obviously, it’s a book for children – at 7%. But what if it is aimed at fathers? And he suddenly has other things to colour in (you know …). Is the rate then 19%? Our partner, Dr. Stefan Maunz, will be happy to provide you with more information about this “picturesque” case.

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If you think that VAT might get boring, dry and predictable in the long run, let us give you a very different picture of VAT in our world. KMLZ as an employer with added value.

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