Everybody knows about it, everybody has to pay it, scarcely anybody likes it. One feels a bit sorry for VAT. Yet it is the great driver of Germany, and the German Treasury collects approx. 285 billion euros of VAT every year. Making VAT, by far, the highest revenue generator of all taxes in Germany.

Cases of fraud are correspondingly high. Experts estimate that the German tax authorities are deprived of an annual amount in the tens of billions. This is a significant sum, and no finance minister on earth would voluntarily refrain from seeking to collect it. Thus, it is not surprising that continuous changes are being made by the legislator and that the tax authorities are increasingly focusing their attention on it.

VAT transactions are often great in number and inter-related. Even a small error can have a major effect. Here, professional advice really pays off – in the true sense of the word.

Due to our focus on VAT law, we can offer you support from A through to Z. We do not just bring industry-specific expertise to the table, our expertise extends to all related facets of VAT, from declarations to ECJ proceedings.

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