It is not sufficient to only evaluate facts from a VAT perspective. At the end of the day, these facts must also be declared to the tax authorities. Periodical VAT returns, annual VAT returns, EC Sales List, Intrastat declarations - these are the most important and most frequently required declarations. In addition, it is also necessary to produce country-specific declarations, such as supplier and customer lists, and increasingly, special reporting obligations, such as real-time reporting of invoices, are also required.

We can provide you with all of this assistance from a single source. In doing so, we not only support foreign businesses with their declarations in Germany, we also handle all declaration obligations for our clients throughout Europe. Quite often, we can do this directly, but in countries with highly formalized requirements we draw on our foreign partners’ expertise. Due to our long-term experience, we know where the pitfalls lie and can take steps to steer safely around them.