Increasing digitalisation also impacts VAT. ERP systems, whether SAP, Oracle, Navision or Infor (to name but a few), are now standard, not only in large and medium-sized companies, but also in many smaller businesses. These have become the central elements of the VAT process.

Against this background, we can also offer you, beyond our VAT expertise, the requisite technical know-how. Whether you want to optimise your tax determination, set up a new tax determination or install a tax engine, we can offer you the support you need.

Moreover, we make use of the opportunities that digitalisation offers in order to identify potential errors in your company’s VAT processes and to simplify those processes. Using our data and process mining tools, we scrutinise your VAT processes within the framework of a VAT audit.

In order to make your life easier, we have also developed our own digital tools. These tools can be used for the purpose of monitoring from within the framework of your tax compliance management system, for auditing and verification purposes and for identifying potential savings.

With our eLearning programmes, we can offer you the opportunity to build up and deepen your company’s existing VAT know-how.