Abroad / International

In addition, the growing globalization of VAT requires companies to also deal with the VAT consequences of their business processes in other countries. The division of labour – often cross-border – is a reality, which has to be faced.

Here, it is important not to look at other countries from a German perspective. Even within the EU, with its largely harmonised VAT regulations, significant differences exist between Member States. Not only the options provided for in the European VAT Directive, but also different national interpretations of EU regulations and, above all, widely differing administrative practices, create problems for businesses. Outside the EU, the VAT systems differ to an even greater extent.

With our experience and that of our partners throughout Europe and many other countries, we can assist you in finding a correct and practicable solution. In doing so, we can offer you the advice you need, concerning all foreign issues, from a single source. Often, we are already familiar with the local requirements due to the numerous international projects we have worked on or because of past enquiries received from abroad. If necessary, we can also draw on a network of experienced and renowned foreign VAT experts.

In doing so, we not only advise you, we also assist you in fulfilling your declaration obligations. In particular, we support you in making any necessary registrations abroad and in filing the corresponding VAT returns.

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