VAT’s your future

We’ve never had any complaints about our employee pay cheques. However, we do not use money as a means to persuade people to work for us. We prefer to convince you using the whole package, where satisfaction with your salary is just one aspect. Your remuneration includes us paying the fees for regional bar association or chamber of tax consultants, and of course your professional liability insurance is also paid by the firm.
Career planning
We would be pleased to welcome you to KMLZ. We want you to stay with us. We want us to grow together. That includes us helping you to plan your individual career from the beginning. Our first principle: No Up or Out. We won’t make you face that choice. We know that there are very good and very satisfied employees on each career level.

However, if you do plan to really make it to the top: At KMLZ there is a realistic prospect of partnership. Just ask Eveline Beer. Or Christian Salder. Or Thomas Streit.
Working hours
Honestly? We know that the issue of working hours is one of the most important aspects when considering a job offer. We promise flexibility. Hand on heart. We know that may be hard to believe, but we will not promise you anything which we cannot deliver. We just want to turn possibilities into realities.

E.g., if your life planning requires it, you can also work part time. For a while, or for a longer time. It is up to you.

We also offer the option of working from home. However, and we want to be honest, for us working from home is a solution for odd days and not for every day. The more experience and firm know-how you gain through working together, the more efficient and easier working from home gets.
It is never too late to learn! We are absolutely committed to this wise saying, and therefore offer our employees continuous professional and individual training. We want to prepare you not only for your professional work, but also to equip you to become a “holistic” expert advisor. In other words: welcome to the KMLZ Training and Development concept.
Tailored to your career level, we offer you our continuing further education concept:
  • KMLZ Preparation: You have not yet had contact with VAT? After our one week crash course this will change completely. In an external course, you will learn basic VAT knowledge. (Approx. 58 hours)
  • KMLZ School: In the course of our internal curriculum, we will provide you with the technical know-how relating to our core competences. And not only that, you will also get to know our advice standards. (Approx. 52 hours)
  • KMLZ High School: Prepared for the next level? Look forward to our external keynote speakers presenting selected special topics focusing on our specific areas of law, an international seminar over several days, or presentation and negotiation training. (Approx. 89 hours)
  • KMLZ University: At this stage, our further training will be tailored to you and the career path you have chosen e.g. in the form of coaching or attending international seminars.

  • And besides our KMLZ Training and Development concept, we offer, amongst other things, regular Business English courses, MS-Office-Training and communication training.

    You would like to do a doctorate/Ph.D, attend a high level course, or pass the tax consultancy examination?

    We would like to benefit from your ambition. With any further training you do, you help to enrich the firm. That is why we will support you in your further training by giving you time-off for studying without any loss of salary.

    Daily Work
    The acclimatisation period at KMLZ is extremely short. We estimate about 1.5 to 2 hours. During this time, we welcome you, show you around and introduce you to your new colleagues. Then, shortly before 11 o‘clock, off we go. At KMLZ you will be an active member of the team right from the beginning. You will have contact with our clients early and you will take on responsibility. That is how you can get to know the interesting client structure and the varied work in our firm in the best way possible. And by the way, you will have quite a story to tell when you get home in the evening.

    What you could mention too is our well stocked drinks refrigerator and the fruit basket which is kept full at all times. Of course our IT and office equipment is state of the art. Not to mention the perfect location near the Viktualienmarkt, or in Düsseldorf with a view over the Rhine. Oh, and there are the various firm events, the exclusive guided tours of art exhibitions and weekend trips abroad with the whole firm.

    We think that is enough to talk about on the first evening. What do you think?