Umsatzsteuer Newsletter


Umsatzsteuer Newsletter 08/2013
On 20 March 2013, the German Ministry of Finance released the long awaited circular regarding the taxation of food and drinks. The circular starts by providing general information about when the reduced VAT rate of 7% will apply and subsequently goes on to give 16 examples, with a view to assisting the understanding of what is involved. The applicable VAT rate depends on the specific details of each of the sales processes. Entrepreneurs should take this into consideration when organizing the sale process.
Umsatzsteuer Newsletter 07/2013
On 7 March 2013, the German Ministry of Finance passed the long awaited administrative circular on VAT groups. The tax authority has changed its opinion on the characteristics of organizational links. The new principles will apply from 01 January 2014. Companies should therefore make use of the transitional period and check whether they comply with the requirements for a VAT group.
In its judgment of 14 November 2012, (file no. XI R 8/11), the Supreme Tax Court ruled that there will be no VAT-exemption if there is no statement on the invoice that the supply is a VAT-exempt intra-Community supply.