VAT is a massive business, and companies often choose fully automated ERP software to handle these transactions. However, if any failures in the automation process occur, irrespective of how small they might be, the incorrectly calculated sums will multiply at lightning speed. This leads to additional VAT claims and, if you are unlucky, to the imposition of fines and the commencement of criminal proceedings.

Be on the safe side and avoid this problem by simply involving us at an early stage. We act as an interface between your IT department and the individual business units, e.g. logistics and sales, as well as with your tax department. We can ensure the operation of legally water tight procedures. We not only bring to the table the experience we have gained from managing many large SAP implementation projects for clients, but also that derived from conducting numerous SAP-VAT-Audits.

We will be happy to support you concerning all issues relating to VAT and SAP and, in particular, with the following problems:

  • Implementation of SAP
  • SAP-VAT-Audit
  • Preparation/Simulation of VAT audits
  • Implementation legislative amendments
  • Optimizing business processes